Electrical Families


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These Revit Families are 2D, they do not include a 3d Model like traditional (Out Of The Box) Families do. They are fully functional like any other Revit Electrical/Lighting Families in that you can connect them to the Out Of The Box Revit Panel (the 120/240 3 Wire panel is included in this package) for use in creating a panel schedule. The advantage to using these families is that they are non-hosted, meaning you can place them wherever you want without needing a wall or ceiling to place them on.

The biggest advantage to using these families is that you don’t need to use a reflected ceiling plan, you can create a standard plan view in Revit at your floor level and start placing the families as you would any other family. You can see more about how they work on YouTube in the 2 part series “The EASIEST Way To Create Electrical Plans In Revit” (link to videos below).

The package includes:

  • 17 families (some with multiple types), everything you would typically need to do a standard residential plan.
  • The Electrical Symbols Legend for your paper space.
  • The Electrical Tag for tagging the families (Explained in the videos).
  • The Out Of The Box Surface Mount Panel that has been configured to accept 120/240 3 wire connection


Electrical Families


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