How To Create Revit Window Families Part 4

This Is Part 4 of our series on How To Create Revit Window Families Revit Family. In this episode, we create the header family, nest the header into our Window Family, create the symbolic lines to display in plan view for both the header and window, and tie the parameters together so that the header works with our window family. The full description of the features of these families are at the beginning of Part 1 of this series.

If you would like to purchase the families rather than building your own, the link to purchase is…

Here is the link to the FREE header family mentioned in the video:…

Links to online articles about writing conditional Statements and Formulas:

Autodesk Help:…

Index: Intro – 0:00
About the Header Family – 1:05
Starting The Header Family – 3:50
Creating The Extrusion For Our Header – 6:10
Creating The Dimension Parameters- 6:47
Creating the Header Sub-Category – 10:25
The Symbolic Lines In Our Header Family – 12:25
About Making The Header Family ‘Shared’ – 14:30
Nesting The Header To The Window – 15:25
Tying The Parameters Between Header and Window Family – 17:25
Writing The Formula For The Width Parameter – 18:00
Creating The Drop Down List For Selecting Headers – 19:06
Creating The Header Visibility Toggle – 21:00
A VERY Important Note About Nesting Header Into Other Families – 21:33
The Symbolic Lines In The Window Family – 22:43

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How To Create Revit Window Families Part 4
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